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6 Solid Tips On How To Get Better Result In Local SEO

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is getting more and more important as they are significantly driving sales and converting more customers. After 2016, the Google Local listing has become complex and getting featured on the top local Search engine result page (SERP) is becoming harder than ever. SEO performance is the biggest factor in determining online local visibility. Local SERP has become immensely competitive and webmasters have to put twice the efforts to obtain the result they want. However, it is worth every second and penny you spend on improving your local SEO.

As per studies, 78% of all local mobile searches lead to an offline purchase. So, local SEO can significantly multiply your business sales. Here are 6 solid tips to help you improve your Local SEO ranking and get a better result in Local SEO.

  1. Optimize title tags 

HTML title and meta description tags reflect the content of your web page and Google imposed a great importance to the title and meta tags for ranking. The title and description tags are what displayed in the search result and you must make sure that these texts are unique, descriptive and catchy. In 2016, Google increased the width and character length of title tags and meta tags signifying the importance they have in deciding your organic search ranking. Writing title tags and description is an art in the SEO world and you must optimize them to ensure that your click-through rate does not suffer.

For local outreach, you need to display your city and state in the tag. Research your keyword and focus on adding that keyword as close to the beginning of your title tag.

  1. Get on Google Local Business

You must have seen Google maps displaying local stores and businesses. This is all possible due to Google My business. Local Google+ pages will provide your more exposure and visibility. They facilitate two-way communication by allowing the users to write genuine reviews and you to respond to those reviews.

  1. Claim your listing

Claiming the listing is as important as creating a listing on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Irrespective of where you find your business listed, make sure you claim all of them. Let it be Google, Bing, or Yahoo, each listing is specified with a citation and citation plays a significant role in search engine ranking algorithm.

  1. Link Profile Optimization

The best way to drive your business is to let people talk and link to your website. If you can’t find a way to be noticed, you can directly reach out to them or use some other strategy to get inbound links.

For checking who is linking to you, you can use Google Webmaster Tools. You can use Open Site Explorer to check who is linking to your competitors. You can give them a reason to link to you or find local bloggers to write about your local business. Create high-quality content that reputed websites want to link to and improve your visibility in this competitive world. You can also sponsor local events, scholarship, networking events for being noticed and make others link to you.

  1. Optimize your content

Unique and high-quality content is of utmost importance as it not only depicts user-engagement but also rapidly boost your search ranking. The most effective and fastest way to enhance your ranking is by creating content that Google has never seen before. You can use high-quality images and videos for higher user engagement and higher ranking. The more the unique content, the better.

  1. Go Mobile-Friendly

The Mobile search has proliferated recently and according to Hitwise research, more than 60% of searches take place on a mobile device. Mobile is the future now and you must ensure that you have a mobile responsive website design. Provide a seamless experience to your future customers on mobile and give special attention to how your business information, the contact details, and your products look to mobile viewers.